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the issue has most likely to do with a recent security patch by microsoft (KB980232, see:

When i uninstalled it (i ignored the dependency warning for KB979309) everything went back to normal and the user profiles were again successfully written to and copied from the NT4 Server.
Someone should contact Microsoft and address this issue to them since the web page related to the security patch does not list any known problems. Microsoft rates the bugfix critical so automatic update will try to re-install it as long as you do not disable/hide the update via wsus or windowsupdate.

big anton wrote:

same here...

i can confirm the behaviour you mention as well as the day it first occurred (April 15th). Must either have something to do with the MS updates from the latest patch day or with us recently upgrading virus scanners from ESET NOD32 4.0.474 to

any solutions yet ?

regards, tony

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