From: Andy Venikov on
Andrew wrote:
> When I write a method that returns a string I always return the string
> by value. This is as opposed to returning a const reference to the
> string held as a private data member in the object. Doing it my way
> means that when the object goes out of scope, my string is still
> valid. Doing it the other way means you HAVE to keep the object around
> for as long as you have a reference to the string.
> Can anyone think of any other reasons to prefer returning a string by
> value. I am encountering some opposition to this, mainly in the name
> of performance. The performance has not been measured (of course) but
> this is often the case with 'performance' arguments. Unfortunately,
> "show me the figures" cuts no ice.
> Regards,
> Andrew Marlow
Frankly, what you describe seems like a perfect fit for using shared_ptr

Have your member be a shared_ptr<std::string>.
And return shared_ptr<const std::string> from your getter function.


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