From: Robin Becker on
On 22/04/2010 13:56, Robin Becker wrote:
> I'm trying to move a wxPython application forward to 2.6, but although
> the app runs fine in 2.6 when run directly when I build the app into an
> exe using py2exe
> I get this popup message
> "application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)"
> when I try to run the built exe.
> The same application seems to build and run fine with python 2.5 py2exe.
> I've tried various googled "solutions", but none seem to work. I do
> notice that the standard py2exe samples/advanced test_wx.exe also fails
> when built in this way.
> I'm guessing this may be due to some obscure exe requirement with
> manifests or something which varies depending on the base msvc library.
> Any help much appreciated.

After much faffing about I managed to make this work, it seems that the
instructions here

aren't complete; for python 2.6 in addition to changing the runtime dll setup so
that we copy MSVCR90.dll & Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest to a toplevel folder
Microsoft.VC90.CRT, we also need to modify the embedded manifest to include an
additional dependency



that seems to make the exe workable again. I did actually see this in a google,
but it was for a different version of the dll so did not work when I first tried it.
Robin Becker