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On Jul 6, 11:41 pm, Eric Hodel <drbr...(a)> wrote:
> rdoc version 2.5.9 has been released!
> * RDoc Project Page -
> * RDoc Documentation -
> * RDoc Bug Tracker -
> RDoc is an application that produces documentation for one or more Ruby source
> files.  RDoc includes the +rdoc+ and +ri+ tools for generating and displaying
> online documentation.
> At this point in time, RDoc 2.x is a work in progress and may incur further
> API changes beyond what has been made to RDoc 1.0.1.  Command-line tools are
> largely unaffected, but internal APIs may shift rapidly.
> See RDoc for a description of RDoc's markup and basic use.
> Changes:
> ### 2.5.9 / 2010-07-06
> * Bug Fixes
>   * Look up pager correctly.
>   * Fixed handling of bullets in verbatim sections.  Partial patch by
>     Juha-Jarmo Heinonen.

Hello Eric,

There has been 3 releases of RDoc in the past months and still #26923
hasn't been included in those:

It is clear that the problem exist and the ticket itself provides a

Can we know the reason that hasn't been included?

That issue is critical for proper documentation of any version of Ruby
installed by RVM or the generation of documentation of RubyInstaller

Please let us know if you need anything else to get that included in a
soon-to-be-released version.

Thank you,
Luis Lavena
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