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Possibly because you started with a website and migrated to a web project.

If I just make a web project, everything works fine.

IMHO the "website" option is evil and doesn't reflect what Enterprise
applications actually look like.


"ton" <ton(a)> wrote in message
>I think I've solved the problem:
> the function works for projects not for websites
> once I tried to do this for referenced projects like user controls and
> other objects 7 classes I do have the property item, and the 4th item is
> references and there is a unused reference... button
> I've removed all unused references the reason was that my web.config file
> used a lot of assemblies I thought these would be removed. This was not
> the case, I finaly removed most of them and at the and kept only the 3
> assemblies fior crystal reports (11.5). After running it worked fine.
> So I still have a question? Why are these assemblies all in to the
> web.config. Is this because the unused references from the other projects
> and than got in? Buto will not be removed?
> I do not understand how assemblies get into the web.config, may be someone
> can explain.
> thanx any how
> ton
> "ton" <ton(a)> schreef in bericht
> news:b5a9c$4b6804b8$541ee3ce$22690(a)
>> OK, lets try to find it !
>> I do not have a project menu
>> I do have a right mouse menu on the projects name, which does NOT have a
>> a properties but does have a property pages
>> when clicking property pages I see the references without the desired
>> button.
>> where is your project menu is it the same as I m describing?
>> thanx
>> ton
>> "Andrew Morton" <akm(a)> schreef in bericht
>> news:7sqe5fFiguU1(a)
>>> ton wrote:
>>>> microsoft claims there is a function to remove unused assemblies in
>>>> VS2008
>>>> when I try to run this feature there is no "Click the Unused
>>>> references button to open the Unused References dialog box." which is
>>>> mentioned in the text.
>>>> I'm using VS2008 (VB)
>>>> anyone an idea?
>>> Ummm.... here's where it is on my VS2008 Pro:
>>> Project menu-> <project name> Properties... ->"References" section at
>>> the left, "Unused References" is a button near the top-right of the
>>> pane.
>>> --
>>> Andrew

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