From: Rune Allnor on
On 28 apr, 06:31, I am not Einstein <wills.kingspan...(a)>

> I changed the input cabling and reduced
> the sampling rate, it is okay now. Will reducing the sampling rate
> improve the signal?

No, it will not. You said somewhere that you sample at 3x 'the
frequency'. If that 'frequency' is the Nyquist frequency you
might be fine as you started out. If it was *not* the Nyquist
frequency, you should find out what the Nyquist frequency fN is,
and increase the sampling rate to at least 3fN, preferably 5fN.

If changing the sampling frequency improves or degrades the
signal, there might be some sort of instrumentation problem.
Either a bad anti-alias filter, or a malfunction in whatever
device does the sampling.