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> What kind of bad press?

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On Jul 27, 12:20 pm, Jarmo Pertman <jarm...(a)> wrote:
> soap4r could be also a candidate for these needs:
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> Jarmo Pertman
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> On Jul 26, 2:41 am, Jeremy Hinegardner <jer...(a)> wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 04:54:40AM +0900, Dani Dani wrote:
> > > Hi all, does anyone know how can I implement soap to access web services
> > > with ruby 1.9 ?, there si no support anymore for soap.
> > > Thanks in advance.
> > > Dani
> > Try the 'savon' library.
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I don't think soap4r will run with 1.9. There is at least one project
to make the necessary changes - - but
I don't know how far along it is.

Soap4r can definitely work, but it's finicky and not at all easy to
get into (particularly if you aren't familiar with any details of
SOAP). Some of the best "documentation" is the sample code included in
the source code download. As for bugs I don't know of any
showstoppers, but there are definitely parts of SOAP that it doesn't
support and it doesn't seem there will be any changes made to it as
the last update was in 2007.

It also doesn't help that the version bundled with Ruby 1.8 is
incomplete and not as good as the latest version. I would guess that
some people have installed the soap4r gem and then continued to have
problems by not using "gem 'soap4r'" before requiring any SOAP

In addition to Savon, you might also check out Handsoap which is
another SOAP client library. I haven't used either.