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>> Addended below.
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>>> Spamlet wrote:
>>>> XP Home SP3
>>>> I don't actually use the sound very much when I'm at the computer, but
>>>> listening to some online clips today I find them rather high pitched.
>>>> The
>>>> XP speaker controls don't seem to include a tone adjustment.
>>> Not surprisingly.
>>>> Is there an
>>>> add-on or alternative speaker control for tone or is this just a fixed
>>>> function of this old Dell Inspiron 2600 laptop?
>>>> S
>>> Some media players have tone controls or (more likely) band equalizers.
>>> OR you could add an external amp (with tone controls) and speakers.
>> Or just some better powered speakers (which have a built in amp and
>> volume and tone controls)
> If you Google this issue, you'll find innumurable cases of people
> asking why they don't have tone control, and being told that their
> sound card, or sound drivers, don't support this function. So
> software or (probably external) hardware solutions seem to be the
> way to go.

I guess that's a no then. I'll try to make sure I listen to webcasts on the
pc in future.