From: Frank Uray on
Hi all

I am using SQL 2005 SP2 64bit on Windows Cluster.

Since some days I have about once a day the following problem:
SQL Service stopps without any message ...
The first message in the EventLog is:
"[sqsrvres] CheckServiceAlive: Service is dead"
After this, there are some more Error messages like:
"[sqsrvres] OnlineThread: service stopped while waiting for QP."
"[sqsrvres] OnlineThread: Error 1 bringing resource online."

After this, the service is starting again and running fine ...

I know, there is some sort of dump program which can be
bound to the SQL Service, and on error or shutdown the memory
is written to a file.

Does somebody knows where to get such a program ??
Or does sombody knows this issue ??

Thanks for any comments

Best regards
Frank Uray