From: Дамјан Георгиевски on

> Having an odd problem that I solved, but wondering if its the best
> solution (seems like a bit of a hack).
> First off, I'm using an external DLL that requires static callbacks,
> but because of this, I'm losing instance info. It could be import
> related? It will make more sense after I diagram it:

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> So basically I added a list of instances to the base class so I can
> get at them from the staticmethod.

Have you tried using a closure, something like this:

class A:
def call(self, args):
def callback(a, b): # normal function
# but I can access self here too
call_the_dll_function(callback, args1, args2...)

> What's bothering me the most is I can't use the global app instance in
> the module.
> How can I get at the app instance (currently I'm storing that along
> with the class instance in the constructor)?
> Is there another way to do this that's not such a hack?
> Sorry for the double / partial post :(

дамјан ((( )))

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