From: Phlip on
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I'm trying to write a unit test on a view that will respond to SOAPist

To get there, the test must pass XML as if a SOAP client had cooked it
up and sent it over the wire.

So I have a auth object, like this:

wsdl = path(__file__).dirname() / 'QBWebConnectorSvc.wsdl'
wsdl_uri = 'file://' + str(wsdl)
client = Client(wsdl_uri)
auth = client.factory.create('authenticate')
auth.strUserName = 'test'
auth.strPassword = 'password'

Okay, now call _what_, on or around auth, to convert it to its XML?

I'm sure this is easy, because the SUDS internals must do this all the
time, right?