From: Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk on
> > +extern char *swiotlb_bk_start;
> > +extern char *swiotlb_bk_end;
> > +extern unsigned long swiotlb_bk_nslabs;
> exporting swiotlb_bk_start and swiotlb_bk_nslabs aren't enough?

It is.
> > +extern void *swiotlb_bk_overflow_buffer;
> > +extern unsigned long swiotlb_bk_overflow;

> > +extern int is_swiotlb_buffer(phys_addr_t paddr);
> > +extern void *swiotlb_bk_map_single(struct device *hwdev, phys_addr_t phys,
> > + unsigned long start_dma_addr, size_t size, int dir);
> enum dma_data_direction is better for 'dir'.

Done. I had to make a bigger change that would also change other
functions usage of 'int dir' -> 'enum ..' otherwise we had compiler

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