From: Jeff Caton on
I would need a hint, please:

I am referencing a 3rd party .tlb and I'm experience a hard crash (GFP).

After several hours I found out that the crash occurs if any project has
these (NOT CALLED!!!!!) lines:

Option Explicit

Private m_SomeAPI As SomeAPI.SomeAPI
Private m_SomeAPIErr As SomeAPI.ApiError

Public Sub ThisIsNeverEvenCalled

Dim n As SomeAPI.SomeUDT

m_SomeAPIErr = m_SomeAPI.ISomeAPI.AddSomeUDT(n)

End Sub

When I try to run the test project (which has only a form (without any
code) and 1 module with only the lines above), the project crashes on a
test computer. It runs fine on my developer machine.

What the heck might be going on????

I don't understand how something that is never even called can cause a

Does anybody have any idea what might be happening here?
From: Jeff Caton on
Btw... The error (on Vista) is just a close-down with a ping sound
before the form is shown.
Not sure what this means...
From: Jeff Caton on
Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and in the process of correcting
the wrong, right things will also become wrong.

That is my extension of Murphys Law. If anybody has any other saying of
that kind, please tell me, I would need it after 1 day of frustration to
cheer me up.