From: Stefan Behnel on
Mark Dickinson, 31.01.2010 11:07:
> On Jan 31, 10:02 am, Mark Dickinson <dicki...(a)> wrote:
>> Python is refusing to multiply the string x[a] by the complex number W
>> [n % N].
> Whoops, that should have been "x[b]", not "x[a]". Why is it that a
> post-submission proofread turns up errors so much more often than a
> pre-submission proofread?

Because it's easier to find mistakes in other people's text than in your
own ones. Once the message is sent off to the Aether, when it comes back,
you read it like someone else has written it, so you immediately find all
those obvious bugs in it.

Fits into the same corner as rubber-duck debugging.