From: Dennis Nedry on
Okay, forget about the editor thing.. (;

Trying to convert the BBS to 1.9. I've run into a weird problem with
some code I didn't write...

basically, I'm getting an error trying to create a TCPsocket..

/home/mark/qbbs2/chat/common.rb:40:in `initialize': uninitialized
constant Chat::Client::TCPsocket (NameError)

I've been looking on the web, and it looks like there have been
scoping changes, but I'm not quite sure how to fix it. Excerpts

except from irc.rb

require 'chat/common'

require 'chat/irc/command'
require 'chat/irc/event'
require 'chat/irc/message'
require 'chat/irc/numeric'
require 'chat/irc/security'

module IRC

# IRC client data
class Client < Chat::Client

def initialize(host="localhost", port=6667)
@irccmd =

exerpt from common.rb

require 'observer'

require 'socket'

module Chat

# Basic client components

class Client

# Include changed/notify_observers methods.

include Observable

def initialize(host, port)

@sock =, port)


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