From: Dipti on
Hello all,

We are planning to upgrade from SP1 Rollup 9 to SP2 followed by Rollup 4
for SP2. Is there something we should be aware of for this update?

Here is our environment:

Site A:

two node cluster running on Windows 2008 OS (enterprise), Exchange 2007
enterprise with SP1 update rollup 9

two CAS Hub server (both roles installed on each machine) . WNLB is set up
for CAS and hub server role redundant. Enterprise Exchange version, 2008
enterprise OS

Public folder server (exchange 2007) on a separate server... no mailbox data
base running on this. OS 208enterprise, Exchange enterprise SP1

We use Barracuda instead of Edge server

Site 2 (Our DR site via WAN):

one mailbox server set up as single node cluster
one CAS/Hub server/mailbox role installed
Barracuda instead of Edge

Both site uses ecologic for storage, snapshots and replication. Snapshot and
replication is still work in progress (experiencing some issues).