From: David on
I have a time series chart feeding off user input data. The data and chart
are dates (eg: 01/01/2007 00:00:00) displayed as years (eg: 2007). I need
the chart x-axis to remain as a time series.
The user perceives that the cell contains "2007".
Is there a way to enter just "2007" (4 characters only) and obtain a
date/time for the year 2007 in a cell?
From: joel on

The chart will use the same format as the cells it is referencing. so
if you change the format of the cells where the dats are located the x
axis on the chart ill also change. Now if you need to have the cells in
one format and the chart in another format then you have to create a new
table on the worksheet and have the chart refere to the new table. You
caqn have the old table and new table linked by making the new table a

If your old table is A1:D10 then make a new table at G1:J10 and put the
formula =A1 at G1. Then copy the formula to G1:J10 and have then format
the two tables so one shows the entire date and the 2nd just the year.

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