From: pavan_savoy on

Greg / Alan,

Moved to staging directory as suggested.
All the patches have been modified to now go into drivers/staging/

> Texas Instruments has introduced it's new series of WiLink chipsets
> which has Bluetooth, WLAN, FM-Rx and FM-Tx and GPS on 1 single chip.
> This series of chipsets allow apps processor to interface with the chip
> over a single UART mux-ed for all 3 (BT,FM and GPS) cores on chip and
> SDIO for WLAN.
> The following list of patches introduces a new line discipline which allows
> such muxing to happen, and 3 different BT, FM and GPS drivers would sit on
> top of this driver (registering/unregistering) and glue this to relevant s/w
> stacks.
> This has been verified to work on TI's OMAP platforms(34xx,36xx and 44xx).
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