From: Paul on
>> [snip]
> Did you /really/ just compare "yours in Christ" to the above statements?
> If you are in fact trolling, I bit the bait.
Before everyone gets carried away with this topic - again. The list
guidelines only state the following in respect to sig's:

*A Signature should be no more than 4 - 6 lines*
Large and elaborate signatures will only serve to distract people from your

That's it. Nothing about content. If you don't like/agree with the content
of the sig, don't read it, ignore it, filter the user, or what ever - please
don't start complaining about it.

If you feel the need to fan the flames - resist the urge. If a constructive
discussion about sig's is really wanted - I urge people to take it up on
'discuss' (not 'users').

Previous discussion on this topic have taken alot of bandwidth in the past,
lets not repeat it.


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