From: Lisa on
You might want to do a search for weight watchers excel spreadsheets. There are a couple out there that you can download that may have all that information for you and all you need to do is complete the daily information.

Here are a couple of links for different excel spreadsheets that may be of interest:
a Weight Watchers Recipe Points Counter.
All you have to do is type in the ingredients and their points and it will ad up the value at the end. A little of a manual process but hopefully it will help you do recipes and figure out the points. The second spreadsheet is a way to calculate your points. If you do not want to just use the book to write down your points then you can use this Weight Watchers Points spreadsheet. The spreadsheet allows you to add your points for each day of the week and then you can do a "Save as" and give it the name of the week and you will have an archive of all of your points to look back on.

And this link is for a WW journal and points calculator that will give you a spreadsheet that will track the points used (Points Used) each day, the cumulative points used for the week (Total), the cumulative points allowed

Hope this helps you out.

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