From: Andrew Trevorrow on
I have a window (derived from wxWindow) with two scroll bars created by
"wxVSCROLL | wxHSCROLL" in the window constructor. My event table has:

EVT_SCROLLWIN (PatternView::OnScroll)

My event handler looks like this:

void PatternView::OnScroll(wxScrollWinEvent& event)
WXTYPE type = event.GetEventType();
int orient = event.GetOrientation();

if (type == wxEVT_SCROLLWIN_LINEUP) {
} else if (type == wxEVT_SCROLLWIN_LINEDOWN) {
} etc...

Everything works fine in wxMac, wxMSW and wxX11, but in wxGTK the above
handler only ever gets wxEVT_SCROLLWIN_THUMBTRACK events, regardless
of where I click in the scroll bars!

I've verified the same problem occurs in the OnScroll routines in the
scroll and vscroll samples, so it's not just my code. I'm using the
latest wxGTK 2.6.3 (ansi static build). Is this a known limitation
in wxGTK or am I missing something?


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