From: Stefano Stabellini on
On Thu, 4 Mar 2010, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
> I think you need to expand this comment to explain the consequences of
> this change on SMP bringup and timers. I still don't see why there are
> (or should be) any differences from PV cpu bringup, aside from the tiny
> details of syscall setup (and MTRR I guess, but that's all a noop
> anyway, right?).
> Also, I think you can probably do the timer changes in a separate patch,
> as even with evtchns, an emulated timer device interrupt will still be
> delivered properly via VIRQ_EMUL_PIN_*.

One of the problems is that some VCPU initialization hypercalls at the
moment are PV specific and don't work with HVM guests, in particular I
find that VCPUOP_initialise doesn't work correctly for me.

But the timers shouldn't be an issue because you should be able to
receive the VIRQ_TIMER or the emulated timer interrupt anyway.

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