From: aceware on
Access 2007 front end, SQL 2005 backend, using rdc

I'm working away enhancing the layout of a form, subform and the code in
one module.

I do have some fields where an update will trigger processing and updates of
other fields and records in the subform.
As long as I make sure I do a accmdsaverecord before the processing and a
me.refresh after the processing - I do not see the error above.

All will be going along swimmingly until the above message starts appearing
after field updates where once there was no problem.

If I revert to an earlier copy of my mdb and import the forms and module I
was just working on - then the problem goes away again.

The problem is not caused by other users of the system - one version will
consistently have the problem, the other will not.
Repair and compact, or even pulling the database in to a virgin copy do not
resolve the problem.

I am resorting to backing up my work every 10 minutes so I can roll back
everytime the problem occurs.

Any suggestions very gratefully received
Tony Epton