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U of C researcher warns of computer �Typhoid� threat



Internet users have one more bug to worry about. Computer security
researchers at the University of Calgary have sounded the alarm about a
potential threat that could turn your laptop into a neighbourhood menace
without you even knowing it. A demonstration Friday at the university showed
how a laptop connected to an unsecured wireless network could be co-opted to
place adware onto the computers around it � in this case, a banner ad over
top of a YouTube video. Unsecured networks are often found in Internet cafes
and wireless hot spots.

It was an example of a new more malignant form of adware�software that
automatically downloads, plays or displays advertisements. The Typhoid
program the researchers used is a new, more malignant form of adware, and
they said advertising isn�t its only troublesome use. �Really, ads are the
tip of the iceberg in some ways. This exact same mechanism could be used to
send malicious code to computers as opposed to just annoying
advertisements,� explained John Aycock, an associate professor in the
university�s computer science department.

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