From: Jose F. Lugo Velez Jose F. Lugo on
When I try to use OuLook 2007 I get the following message: Send/Receive
Error: Out of memory or system resourcres. How can I resolve this error?
From: Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] on
"Evan Platt" <evan(a)> wrote in message

> Generally you can see this by hitting Control-Alt-Delete and looking
> under the Performance tab.

You must select "Task Manager" after pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete before you'll
have a Processes tab. A better keypress, in my opinion, is Ctrl+Shift+Esc,
which will bring Task Manager up directly.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

From: Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] on
"Evan Platt" <evan(a)> wrote in message

> Umm.. Maybe we're talking about different OS/s? In XP at least, C-A-D
> directly brings up the Task Manager. Don't know about Windows 7 or
> Vista.

Depends on some configuration settings. On all of the Xp systems I use, when
one presses Alt+Ctrl+Delete, once sees a "Windows Security" box with two rows
of three buttons, the one in the middle of the lower row being the Task
Manager button. The buttons are "Lock Computer", "Log Off", "Shut Down",
"Change Password", "Task Manager", and "Cancel". Ctrl+Shift+Esc is
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]