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I was getting the same error code. I went to

and even though "The links in this section correspond to separate files
available in this download. Download the files most appropriate for you." was
not particularly helpful in my making a choice, the third one worked. The
update itself failed, but clicking "view summary" let me see a summary file
with the very helpful error message "MSP Error: 29565 SQL Server Setup
cannot upgrade the specified instance because the previous upgrade did not
complete. Start the Remote Registry service and go to Add/Remove Programs,
select the Change button for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then select SQL
instance SQLEXPRESS and complete the setup."

No need to start the remote registry service, but going to add/remove
programs and completing the SQLEXPRESS fixed the problem.

I learned from this that going to the Microsoft Download Center and
searching for the KB# may allow me to download an update that would give me a
more verbose error message than Window Update.

"cblanche" wrote:

> I tried the MS Chat Service and the technician gave me this link to a
> security fix for SQL 2005 Service Pack 2.
> 872c-84993a7623b7&DisplayLang=en
> According to the technician I can install this before I install Service Pack
> 2 and this should solve the problem. I haven't tried it yet but I am going
> to after I restart my computer.