From: Rahul on
Paul <nospam(a)> wrote in news:hma831$c9m$1(a)

> Your mistake may have been buying that drive. Did you
> read the reviews first ? There is something not quite
> right with that model. Maybe it is all a matter of
> "user error". Perhaps the instructions that came with
> the drive, were not enough of an education campaign.
> Or, it could be that it actually has some firmware issues.

I saw the jumpers and the WDAlign instructions. But it did not mention any
of the WinServer editions at all. It had XP, Win7 and Vista mentioned as
the affected systems. Hard to say if they just forgot the server crowd

Maybe I will try the jumpers still.....

From: Bill Blanton on
On 3/1/2010 02:22, Rahul wrote:
> Bill Blanton<bblanton(a)> wrote in news:eFO81dOuKHA.5036
> @TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl:
>> I would. I have Windows and all programs installed on a small 10k rpm
>> IDE drive, and use a couple of larger 7.2k rpm drives for user data. At
>> one time, I had to run a clone of the system off one of the slower 7200
>> rpm drives, while the 10k drive was being RMAed, and the performance hit
>> was very noticeable.
> Maybe I will do that then! Is there a way during the install that I could
> tell the system to move the user storage to the SATA drive? Or is that just
> moving MyDocs?

Not during the install, afaik, but you can move it to another drive.
Right-click > properties.