From: Tim McCaffrey on
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MitchAlsup(a) says...

>Call Indirect and Jump Indirect Tables with and without hashing are
>generally pretty good given suficient area to contain the footprint
>and a little cleverness of the designers tuning the hash. Here, I
>think, it is much more worthwhile for the software people to choose
>reasonable data structures to contain the indirect tables, and then,
>over time, let the HW guys stumble over things to optimize. So,
>without SW doing anything special, all of a sudden it just gets
>faster. AND it looses none of its obviousness or RAS. Not so with the
>"special creative bent of the moment stuff."

I would like to see a prefetch instruction for code, since you (might) know
where that indirect branch is going to go, might as well preload it into the

- Tim