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Proto Balance Mail allows you to host up to 1,000,000 mailboxes
in a cluster of mail-servers.

Unlike other enterprise mail solutions, Proto Balance Mail does
NOT require expensive iSCSI or Fibre-Channel-SAN equipment.

Proto Balance Mail does not require nor use a shared file-system
like NFS or a clustered file system.

Proto Balance Mail turns your EXISTING mail servers into a
cluster WITHOUT requiring you to switch away from PostFix.

Proto Balance Mail takes over greylisting and outgoing
whitelisting and distributes all grey/white-list info across
your cluster; so all servers act symmetrically. Proto Balance
does real-time botnet analysis to stop 98% of spam.

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Proto Balance Mail will allow you to do things like:

* Put all mailboxes from a particular geographic region onto
a separate server - even if they do not have a distinct MX.

* Add new mail-servers ON-THE-FLY when a mail-server
becomes full or over-loaded.

* Add throughput rules for incoming and outgoing email
to auto-block mail-bot infected desktop machines.

* Interface call-centers and CRM software into your mail
cluster using an XML interface.

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