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eRuby template processor

Ember (EMBEdded Ruby) is an [1]eRuby template processor that
enables debugging, reduces markup, and improves composability
of eRuby templates.

* It reports correct line numbers in error message stack

* It can infer <% end %> based on indentation.

* It can unindent block content hierarchically.

* It completely silences code-only eRuby directives.

* It is implemented in 364 lines of pure Ruby.

Version 0.1.0 (2010-04-03)

This release improves the handling of eRuby comment
directives, fixes a bug in the <% end %> inference logic, and
performs some minor housekeeping.

New features

* Single-line comment directives are now ignored (treated
like no-ops) in input templates. This allows us to
surround eRuby block directives with section separators
made from single-line comment directives:


Inside some_block_directive.


Still inside some_block_directive!

%| nested_block_directive

Inside nested_block_directive.


Bug fixes

* <% end %> inference did not work for blocks beginning
with def, class, and module keywords.


* Upgrade to Inochi 2.0.0-rc3. This project no longer
depends on the "inochi" or "trollop" gems at runtime.


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