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On 2010-04-04 02:38, Andrea Dallera wrote:
> Ahem...
> I am a little ashamed of the fact that i actually wasted a couple of
> hours on this but i just couldn't refrain myself after i read the
> "suggestion" from Robert.
> You can find the code here :
> If you want to go adding phrases you're my guest :-)

Fantastic! I love it! - not wasted time at all . .


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Alright! Great humor! Thunk loves it...

Thunk was researching "actors" just now...

When he started it was a different world, one of pioneers more than
great brains, he was one of them.... and so his background is
fundamentally different. No formal traning, he said that, but it also
did not stop him from getting things done for the likes of McGraw-Hill
as R&D manager for more than a few years before the universities got
any clue what was going on.

The "ru'id" is something like an actor, and you guys are absolutely
right, and thunk never said otherwise, they are trivial.

The system around them is not so trivial.

But have your fun, thunk deserves it in a way, he was an inadvertent
"troll" and doesn't conform to the norm.

Thunk is not ashamed to admit that, he's at peace that he has made an
effort to describe this thing to the guys that have replaced his
peers. Most old guys go on to "management" and such, poor dumb thunk
just enjoys programming. If he thought his efforts were useless he'd
be more than glad to give up, but he still hasn't seen a thing on the
web that looks like what he believes he can do.

Can anybody explain that?

From: thunk on

Thunk thinks that a couple of his best thunks are captured in his wiki
page titled "capturing the aluminum moment".

If you guys think that is also a joke after considering it, then
something is seriously amiss, and thunk must conclude he has started
dropping bits, or you guys are not as smart as you think you are

he seriously can't think of anything else that makes sense.
From: thunk on

"capturing the aluminum moment" is about the economic opportunities.

"categorization, the secret sauce" could be a key to the difference
between the role of an"actor" and a "ru'id" - and that was one of the
most interesting "revelations" that may be the key to the some of
the confusion.


about categorization:

the ru'ids are fired sequentially and the "command the stage" for only
as long as it takes them to do their schtick. The whole system is
designed, now, around this simple but strange arrangement.

When the "ru'id" is done (.0005 sec or so) its gone a record remains.
The record would be floating in space like a piece of sputnik past,
except it knows its "categorization" and the "result" of its schtick.

Those two things allow a completely domain independent "reader" to do
some useful things - and the first time thunk saw that thunk could not
sleep for a couple of days.

From: Peter Hickman on
[Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

Well he has posted enough for a decent corpus so maybe something based on a
Markov chain would be in order.

But then again, it's not like I actually want more

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