From: thunk on
hier speaks thunktoktor, her englisch not so good

no buks to sell
no real site to sell anything
no framework - not even one about nilch
no seaking of guru-status

no nothing for sail - not even a speech to go to

this is being a "troll"?

WHAT is a troll?
From: Robert Klemme on
On 04/05/2010 01:28 PM, thunk wrote:
> this is thunkalene, no oaths being broken
> thunk thinks this may break the logjam of misunderstandings

> Tabulating, Scoring, Reporting, Summarizing, (Guiding drilldown,
> changing the colors of icons) and such functions can be done without
> Domain Specific Knowldeg – something to think about….. a Framework
> could do usefull things for people, without a glimmer of
> understanding of what it is working with.

Take any RDBMs combined with Crystal Reports, MS Excel or any other
reporting package and you have exactly that: a tool suite that can do
reports with zero knowledge about the nature of the data that is being

What is it that your package does better or different?

Kind regards


remember.guy do |as, often| as.you_can - without end
From: thunk on

100 percent ruby in a tight mass of dynamic power!

give them 100 blackboxes of boring stuff, them what they are looking
for, send them off....

in real-time, continually... over and over all day....

shopping baskets examined

quality issues to be caught from patterns (before?)

oh my, does excel to do that already?

ms couldn't do what osborne/paperback back in the day.

then there are these "satz" and well, its just a lot of fun.....

thunk is not a re-inventor, not on purpose.... maybe it is for him to
become a walmart greeter instead of worrying about other people's
shopping baskets (where the bright idea came from and Jen jenson of
voicehero's said "vow"
From: Andrea Dallera on

there was absolutely no intent to offend anyone from my side: i believe thunk
himself understood that and i also think he took the joke with the right
spirit. You will have to concede me that, while my prank was surely a little
sour, thunk went a great deal to deserve it :-)
Anyway, I agree with you on the fact that making fun of someone just to have a
laugh at it is despicable. I just think this was not the case.


Andrea Dallera

On Monday 05 April 2010 06:25:09 pm Robert Klemme wrote:
> On 04/05/2010 01:33 PM, Andrea Dallera wrote:
> > it's cool, let's not be grumpy about it. I'm sure Robert (Klemme) didn't
> > want to be mean. And he's also kind of right :-)
> I certainly did not intend to be mean. I tried to remind everybody that
> we're dealing with humans here (and not a swarm of chat bots) and that,
> while it's completely legal to make fun of someone, there are better
> ways to entertain oneself. We are really lucky that our community is
> such a friendly place and I believe we should not risk that easily.
> Kind regards
> robert

From: thunk on

had thunk been a troll, real or inadvertant

then he would deserve stones, arrows, and any device of thereof

without anything to sell, without even a framework to give away, and
mostly eerily not seeming to care about guru status candidateshipness
he was most certain a outlier...

let him ramble???

ya, thanks, we had a customer that was doing studies for a new jet
model. reflexes. they ran an ad. folks showed up. studies got
made. and they puzzled the bejezzus out of all the experts -

well, not to bore, but a surprising portion of those ersatz turned out
to be winos (without reflexes) - true story - who could make THAT up??
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