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and further complicating the factors is that ol'thunk is not a natural
guru type - he doesn't see himself writing books, chatting, or any
such thing.

then, he'd also dearly love to around some ruff dogs that know about
the whole big picture whereas ol'thunk only loves to program.

so some university, some trusted entity would be welcome.

there is a certain amazing ramazian fellow that ol'thunk would trust
in a heartbeat on this - he would be such a "3rd party". he's young,
he's interesting, he knows this stuff and he'd make an excellent
gitHub guy, he does that already. last ol'thunk heard he's busy as
heck, however.

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ol' thunk can type too fast for his brain, and the spelling checker
says ok - he goes on and so things like inexperienced can become
experienced zB and since he's sorta already got multiple sources for
words saying "send me" it all gets confusing - and if ol thunk slows
down and makes it all proper it takes hours and ends up not being what
he wanted to say anyway.... but being faster than these spelling
checked text fields is rather a thing to be proud of in one way?

sorry about all that..................

From: thunk on


Rather the best thing that could happen is that this "thing" gets
planted in a Heruko garden and becomes a LIVING CLONE of the latest
evolving version while an earlier release or such could be the public

THAT WOULD give more without a penny being spent until such time as it
is time to chat business and would be what it is - BUT the engine for
a viable on going effort, books, the right folks doing the right

heruko? there is no telephone # and how much chance would ol' thunk
have to speak to the right people??

but in one heartbeat - a done deal - ol' thunk would be pedaling his
flying pigeon 50# double bar pig carrying capable bike in LA for as
long as it takes.

From: thunk on

about the "demo system" that is sitting there to be done in not too
much time....
I'm talking a week or two?

1. The RUBY programmer would have a Module to put his

2. the RUBY programmer would have an online manual to follow certain
conventions like the '?' at the end of Assertion methods and such as
that (not too tough, not too many - the UrHelperClass keeps it going)

3. that is how the RUBY programmer would program (and that could be
evolved but let's keep this simple to start with)

4. now the RUBY programmer OR anybody anywhere anytime with a
browser (or a Handy) could cause "Ru'ids" to be created into that same
cloud space garden thingy - pond? -

5. Now anybody with a standard "SwarmReader" module (almost trivial
at the basic level) could get pinged by any Ru'id that get's its
little flag in a twist!

that would be one way to put the pieces together, anyway....

From: Josh Cheek on
[Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

Seriously -.^

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