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I released pyTenjin 0.9.0

This release contains a lot of enhancements and changes.
Also you should read planned changes in the next release (1.0.0).
for details.


pyTenjin is very fast and full-featured template engine for Python.

* Very fast (about 10 times faster than Django template engine)
* Easy to learn (no need to learn template-original language)
* Full-featured (nestable layout template, partial template,
preprocessing, ...)
* Google App Engine supported


* User's Guide
* Examples

Enhancements from 0.8.1

* Performance improved (about 5%).

Fragment cache supported.
for details.

include() now takes keyword arguments as local variables.
<?py include('header.pyhtml', title='Example') ?>

* Add new module 'tenjin.gae'.

* Add 'input' argument to tenjin.Template() to create template
object without file.
input = "<p>Hello ${name}</p>"
t = tenjin.Template(None, input=input)
html = t.render({'name': 'World'})

* Add tenjin.Engine.add_template() to add template object explicitly.

* User's guide (doc/users-guide.html) is rewrited entirely.

* Add benchmark for Jinja2.

Changes from 0.8.1

It is strongly recommended to close 'if', 'for', 'while', ... by
corresponding '#endif', '#endfor', '#endwhile', and so on.
for details.

Google App Engine support is changed. All you have to do is to call
tenjin.gae.init() at first.
for details.

tenjin.Engine is changed to share a cache storage between engines
by default.
This improves performance of Tenjin but your test scripts may get errors.
If you get errors in your test scripts, clear cache storage for each test.

def setUp(self):

If you prefer previous behaviour, set tenjin.Engine.cache to None.

## create new MarshalCacheStorage object for each engine
tenjin.Engine.cache = None

* Now you can set default template class to tenjin.Engine.templateclass.
tenjin.Engine.templateclass = MyTemplate

* 'cache' argument of tenjin.Engine() is changed.
[old behaviour] if 'cache' is None, cache template object into memory.
[new behaviour] if 'cache' is None, use default cache storage.

* Default preamble is changed from "print ''.join(_buf)" to

* 'doc/faq.html' is integrated into 'doc/users-guide.html'.

* All test scripts are changed to import oktest instead of unittest.

Bug fixes

* Fixed to set correct file path of template object which is loaded
from cache.

* Fixed a bug that 'pytenjin -sbN' didn't trim line number on the last line

Have fun!

makoto kuwata
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