From: Douglas Gilbert on
lsscsi is a utility that uses sysfs in linux 2.6 series kernels
to list information about SCSI devices and SCSI hosts. Both a
compact format which is one line per device and a "classic"
format (like the output of 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi') are supported.

Version 0.23 is available at
More information can be found on that page including examples
and a Download section for tarballs, rpm** and deb packages.

Version 0.23 2009/12/01 [svn: r76]
- remove /proc/mounts scan for sysfs mount point, assume
/sys unless overridden by re-instated '--sysfsroot' option
Version 0.22 2008/12/26 [svn: r71]

** The rpm and srpm packages are not currently there but will
appear in the next day or so. They can be built from the
lsscsi.spec file in the appropriate environment.

Doug Gilbert
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