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The new PEAR package Net_Whois-1.0.4 (stable) has been released at

Release notes
* Fix Bug #17443: Tarball distribute files dated in 1970 [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17476: [] Undefined index: server [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17480: Query for multiple errors [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17493: Remove and .mil supprt [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17496: $_nicServers should be FQDN [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17498: PHP Version [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17540: GNICHOST is redundant [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17541: construct cleanup [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17564: regex too strict for authoritative lookups [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17569: ReferralServer support [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17571: Fix E_STRICT error in _chooseServer [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17614: Notice: Undefined variable: domain in .../Whois.php on line 362 [kguest]
* Fix Bug #17615: looping bug with domains on the "" whois server. [kguest]
* Implement Feature #17449: Please, consider realising under PHP 3.01 license [kguest]

Package Info
The PEAR::Net_Whois looks up records in the databases maintained by several Network Information Centers (NICs).

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Seamus Venasse (lead)
Ken Guest <ken(a)> (lead)