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The new PEAR package Services_Twitter-0.3.0 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
This is a major update of Services_Twitter with some backward incompatible changes.
Please read this carefully before upgrading.

General changes and bug fixes:
* moved code to (fixes bug #16534) [izi]
* removed endpoints code (hard to maintain) in favor of a xml definition file and generic methods (fixes #15472) [izi]
* better validation of parameters [izi]
* switch to JSON format as default (XML is still available) [izi]
* switch to HTTP_Request2 (fixes bug #15072) [izi]
* make the test suite runnable locally with mock HTTP responses (fixes bug #15084 #15085), coverage is now 100% [izi]
* updated dependencies in package.xml (fixes bug #16522) [izi]
* automagically convert all strings to unicode before sending them to twitter [izi]

Search API changes:
+ added trends/current method [izi]
+ added trends/daily method [izi]
+ added trends/weekly method [izi]

REST API changes:
* statuses/friends_timeline: removed "since" parameter (no longer supported) and added "max_id" parameter [izi]
* statuses/user_timeline: removed "since" parameter (no longer supported) and added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
+ added statuses/mentions method (fixes bug #16475) [izi]
- removed statuses/replies (no longer supported) [izi]
* statuses/friends: removed "since" parameter (no longer supported) and added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
* statuses/followers: added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
* direct_messages: removed "since" parameter (no longer supported) and added "max_id" and "count" parameters [izi]
* direct_messages/sent: removed "since" parameter (no longer supported) and added "max_id" and "count" parameters [izi]
* direct_messages/new: added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
* friendships/create: added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
* friendships/destroy: added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
* users/show: removed "email" parameter, no longer supported by the API [izi]
+ added friendships/show method [izi]
+ added "Social Graph methods": friends/ids and followers/ids [izi]
* notifications/follow: added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
* notifications/leave: added "user_id" and "screen_name" parameters [izi]
+ added account/update_profile_colors [izi]
+ added account/update_delivery_device [izi]
+ added account/update_profile_image [izi]
+ added account/update_profile_background_image [izi]
+ added account/update_profile [izi]
+ added blocks/exists [izi]
+ added blocks/blocking [izi]
+ added saved_searches [izi]
+ added saved_searches/show [izi]
+ added saved_searches/create [izi]
+ added saved_searches/destroy [izi]
- removed help/downtime_schedule (no longer supported) [izi]


- $twitter->search->query() has been replaced by $twitter->search() (you can also write $twitter->search->search())
- the twitter API has changed, so some methods have been updated, removed or added (see above), you'll have probably to update your code
- there are maybe some others incompatible changes, but it will be trivial to update your code

Package Info
An interface for communicating with Twitter's public API. Send status updates, fetch information, add friends, etc.

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Joe Stump <pear(a)> (lead)
David Jean Louis (lead)
Bill Shupp <hostmaster(a)> (lead)

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