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The new PEAR package Services_Twitter-0.5.0 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
REST API changes:
+ added statuses/home_timeline method,
+ added statuses/retweeted_by_me method,
+ added statuses/retweeted_to_me method,
+ added statuses/retweets_of_me method,
+ added statuses/retweet method,
+ added statuses/retweets method,
+ added report_spam method,
* changed old API url ( to,
* replaced page by cursor attribute in statuses/friends, statuses/followers, friends/ids and followers/ids,
* set auth required to false in account/rate_limit_status,
- removed email parameter in account/update_profile method,

Search API changes:
+ added locale parameter to search method.

Other changes:
* fixed screenname regex,
* fixed and improved some tests.

Package Info
An interface for communicating with Twitter's public API. Send status updates, fetch information, add friends, etc.

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Joe Stump <pear(a)> (lead)
David Jean Louis (lead)
Bill Shupp <hostmaster(a)> (lead)