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The new PEAR package Validate-0.8.3 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
* Bug #14865 Fixing some unit test failures (amir)
* Bug #15945 Improper string used to check domain dns (amir)
* Bug #16381 String format validation fails for VALIDATE_NAME.VALIDATE_XXX (amir)
* Bug #16427 Email Validation not working for check_domain (amir)
* Bug #16811 Should determine whether Net/IDNA.php is available less "destructively" (kguest)

Package Info
Package to validate various datas. It includes :
- numbers (min/max, decimal or not)
- email (syntax, domain check, rfc822)
- string (predifined type alpha upper and/or lowercase, numeric,...)
- date (min, max, rfc822 compliant)
- uri (RFC2396)
- possibility valid multiple data with a single method call (::multiple)

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Amir Mohammad Saied <amirsaied(a)> (lead)
David Coallier <david(a)> (lead)