From: mahi on
Hi All, I have developed one PCI driver, The Interrupts are working in
2.4 kernel (Redhat-9), and also it is working in RHEL-AS-4 (2.6
kernel), But It is not working in RHEl-5 using Interrupt mode.

After Enabling the PCI Interrupt also, It should automatically enter
into ISR, But it is not happening in RHEL-5

(2.6.18-53.el5)....what might be the problem.

I have used request_irq(IRQLine,(Void *)& ISR,APOORVA,SA_SHIRQ);

Please give me probable solutions for this issue.

From: steve_schefter on
On Jun 8, 3:26 am, mahi <mahenderreddy_mud...(a)> wrote:
> I have used request_irq(IRQLine,(Void *)& ISR,APOORVA,SA_SHIRQ);

There should be a couple more parameters to the request_irq()
function. See other sample drivers in the kernel source.

A real shot in the dark here, but make sure you are getting IRQline
from the pci_dev structure and not from the PCI configuration space.
That's not specific to EL5, but the need to do so can vary from system
to system. Also, make sure you are calling pci_enable_device().