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Now that is help, thank you very much!
If your server / PC doesnt contain the word "Supermicro" then you have no
idea what you are missing!

"Steve" wrote:

> Hello David,
> See if the following helps .......
> Steve
> santus(a)
> "David Pierce" <dp.david.pierce(a)> wrote in message
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> > Hi all,
> > I am running Office 2007, Sql Server 2008 dev, and Visual Studio 2008 pro
> > on
> > the same machine! Machine OS is windows Vista Ultimate x64. I cannot seam
> > to
> > connect to my SQL server from access. Now, I have tried to Upsize with
> > Access
> > (option 1 - Creat a new DB and this goes to select server, then name the
> > DB,
> > and click OK, well, this then specifies a message that upsizing wizzard
> > does
> > not work with version of SQL Server, contact MS for info and updates) Same
> > message with SQL 2005! (Option 2 - When I use existing DB, I have to
> > determine a file data source and DNS which I have not done as I dont know
> > how
> > to do this).
> >
> > I can however migrate any Access file to my SQL server 2008 by using the
> > import and export 32, that works just fine but I still cannot access my
> > database so that is mostly worthless.
> >
> > I have also tried upsizing a new db and existing db and neither one work.
> > I
> > have opend port 1433 and all tcp/ip connections have been enabeled. I have
> > read and read and read more stuff that does nothing to resolve this
> > problem
> > than I can stand and still cannot connect by db to sql server.
> >
> > Ok, so here we are and I need a solution, any solution that works at this
> > point is good for me. MS offers these products and recomends you buy them
> > but
> > does not develope them to work togeither? Why on earth is that? In any
> > event,
> > any help on the matter would be helpful. I am new to SQL server and have
> > order several books but I dcouldnt find any on how to connect access 2007
> > to
> > it so until someone writes that book its not available. Dont get me wrong,
> > I
> > love MS and there products, I also like the sql server and designing
> > tables
> > in that to work with my db, but I need to be able to connect to it or I
> > just
> > spent 5 grand on nothing!
> >
> > PLEASE HELP!!!!!
> >
> > --
> > If your server / PC doesnt contain the word "Supermicro" then you have no
> > idea what you are missing!
> .
From: Sylvain Lafontaine on
"David Pierce" <dp.david.pierce(a)> wrote in message
> If you had read the first line of my post instead of worrying about what I
> was whining about, you would have read these are all on the same machine,
> Thank you!

That's exactly my point: while reading many tens of posts every day, we
don't have the time to start diving into an ocean of words to find the
relevant information when it's buried under some useless rants.

Even when a post is well written, it's easy to miss some important

> Also, the migration does work to bring tables to SQL Server just fine, but
> if you cannot connect them in your access db, then what good is that I
> ask?

Well, if you can solve your connection problem, this will become very good.

You have answered "Now that is help, thank you very much!" in another post;
does this mean that your connection problem is now solved?

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
MVP - Windows Live Platform
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Independent consultant and remote programming for Access and SQL-Server

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