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"Rick Brandt" <rickbrandt2(a)> wrote in message
> Douglas J. Steele wrote:
>> Right-click on msaccess.exe and select Run As Adminstrator.
> Actually in this case he would need to run the Office setup program as
> administrator wouldn't he?
> Needing to run msaccess.exe as administrator might be required for
> operational reasons as well, but if he wants the setup program to be able
> to create system.mdw in the System32 folder, then I expect that the
> setup.exe is what will need to be run as administrator. Can that even be
> done to an exe that is on a CD? If it's not he might need to actually log
> into his PC with the Administrator account to do the install.
> To the OP...I have run Access 97 runtimes on Vista and tested that, but I
> have not tested installing Office 97 on Vista. The installation of the
> runtime did not require me to do anything special, but I did so as a
> Windows user that was in the Administrators group for the machine.

Not 100% sure whether it's only for installation. If he has multiple
versions of Access on his machine, he'll likely need to run as Admin at
least if he's switching to use a new version from the previous time, since
Access wants to make a number of registry updates when you move from version
to version.

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