From: Brad Morris on
Like Ron, several posts back, We have been running 5 machines on XP for 4
years with no problems. Then, all of a sudden last Fri afternoon the other 4
machines could not print to a dot matrix printer located on Problem XP. This
printer is set up on LPT2 and everyone else redirects the output of their
machine to lpt2 (NET USE LPT2: \\BRAD\SERVICE /PERSISTENT:YES). While trying
to figure out why this was happening, I discovered that the problem XP
machine could see and read all files on the other machines (that had shared
folders) but even though they could see the shared folders on the problem
XP, they could not open them. I also getthe "Access Denied... You might not
have the permission......." error.
Unlike Ron, We are just using the simple file share on all machines. I have
turned off the Firewall (just to test if that was the problem - I already
had the XP firewall off, we are using CA)
I have made no changes to the system.
I can ping this machine from all the others and again, I can see the shared
folders on the probem machine from the others but can not access them.
What else should I be checking for? I am hoping that whatever is going on
will also let everyone print to the problem XP again after this issue is

thanks ahead of time

From: Carolyn on

Have you looked in the Security section of the event viewer to see if
any particular account name is being refused?