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First, Thank you for the response.

When we try to open the converted db nothing happens, absolutely nothing. No error messages of any kind appear. This was created before my time so I will have to check on what OS was in place at the time. I can tell you that it sits on a shared network so it can be accessed by any computer on the network that has the rights to the db.

I did make the folder a trusted site. I had also previously enabled the macros. We have several back up copies, thankfully. I have even redone the compact and repair, backup and convert. I will have to check the Reference Items, not sure what all references are needed. We don't use VB here, we are an shop, the guy that created the Access db was the last VB guy.

Again thanks for your help!!

Paul Shapiro wrote:

Hopefully you have a clean backup of your original Access 97 db.

Hopefully you have a clean backup of your original Access 97 db. If not,
make a few copies of what you have now, and if you have any older backups
with the forms, reports, code, etc., make some copies of those too.
IMPORTANT: Do all further work on a copy of your db, and keep the best
original version you have somewhere it cannot be touched. I'd copy it to a
thumb drive or something else that can be removed from the computer.

What happens when you try to open the db in Access 2007? Is there an error
message, does it lock up, etc? When you went from Access 97 to 2007 did you
also change computers? If so, what OS was the original computer and what OS
is the new one?

Try holding down the Shift key while you open the db, which disables any
startup forms. If the db opens, you can open the VBA editor and see if there
are any missing references. Within the VBA editor, dropdown the Tools menu
and choose the References item.

You can also check the Access options to see if you have specified the
folder containing your db as a trusted location. You can do this by opening
Access, without opening your db. Within the Access Options dialog, choose
Trust Center in the left pane. Then click the Trust Center Settings button.
In the Trust Center dialog, choose Trusted Locations in the left pane. Make
sure the folder containing your db is listed in the trusted locations in the
right pane.

You may want to consider having a consultant look at your db if this does not
help and no one there knows anything about Access.

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