From: Tomas Andersson on
I have a problem.

I'm making an app in VB9 VS 2008.
The app is going to be a form MDI and a menu.

What I need to do is search app.path/Plugin or something like that and find
My DLLs will have a couple of functions.

First I need the Main form to add a menuitem in the menu.
This menu item should then declare an instance of a form in the DLL as an
MDIchild and open the form.

I have looked high and low on the internet and MSDN to find what I need
without success.

As I'm writing both the main program and the DLLs that make up the add-in
functionality I'm thinking I don't need to make an interface between the
main app and the DLL.
But when I try referencing the DLL directly which works and then remove the
DLL I get a file missing error.

Does anyone have some insights?
Code examples would be appreciated. Or where I can find literature regarding
my problem.

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"Tomas Andersson" <tomas.andersson(a)> wrote in message
> I'm making an app in VB9 VS 2008.

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