From: Mike Painter on
asrul wrote:
> And what I want to achieve is.
> Select the item in the multiselect listbox, then run an on the fly
> make a table query,then print the report to PDF with lebans code
> and continue with the next item in the multi select listbox.
> The code works fine for 1 selected item,but for multi select it can
> print 1 the last selected item only,although I can see access output
> the snapshot file for several times,the lebans code just output the
> last report only.

I've been using DoEvents since the early 90's and have never seen or had a
problem reported.
It is there precisely becasue of the type of problem you have reported.
I have never, until this thread seen any other solution offered.

You porbably do not have to make a table to print your report as the query
you used, in a select format, to make the table can be used to generate the

Doevents would be inserted just before printing the report.

Your Code
Your code
DoEvents (which aits until everything is ready)
Print the report.