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puzzling data mismatch error
I have a table where one of the fields contain values such as 26-14-2C-R1-K1 15-13-1C-R3-K6 and so on. this is a text field I am trying to find records based on the part: R1-K3, R2-K4, R5-K1 etc. I am getting weird data type mismatch error when searching with my query. For example this works: SELECT myfiel... 7 Jun 2010 17:44
How to enter multiple RTF lines in memo text box
How do I enable a user to line feed to a new, additional line to be entered in a form's text box which has a Memo field with Rich Text as its Control Source? Pressing "Enter" or "Tab" creates a new record in the table, rather than moving the cursor to a new line for continued entry? I will appreciate any help... 7 Jun 2010 16:37
Spell Check specific fields on a subform
Hi, I have a form with a continuous subform that has four fields. I would like to add a button to my main form to spell check 2 of the 4 fields on every record in my continuous subform. The two fields are text input field and the other two have prepopulated information in them that does not need to be spell chec... 7 Jun 2010 11:54
Locking buttons
Hi everyone, this may or may not be possible but I'll ask the question anyway. .. I have a form with two butttons; each opening a different report. 'Report 1' button and 'Report 2' button. I also have another form that displays a drop down list where half of the list relates to 'Report 1' and the other half... 7 Jun 2010 14:20
Exporting curretn recordset to Excel - only working first time!
The code below works the first time it is run - the displayed records are output to a excel spreadsheet called book1 with the worksheet named as it should be. So you open a form and click the button on the ribbon referencing this code and all the displayed records are transferred to a spreadsheet. However if ... 7 Jun 2010 09:40
Automating 'From'
Hi all From MS Access 2003, I have a routine in code that automates an email. I've tried posting in the outlook forums but no reply yet so I thought I'd try here too... I can autofill the To, cc, subject, body field etc but now I need to also send from a different user using the 'From' field. I tried addin... 7 Jun 2010 10:47
Text box with help instruction
Access 2003. Hello Forum I have a contnuos Form with two textboxes (txtbox1, txtbox2). When I click txtbox1 I would like it to display an instruction next to the txtbox telling for example: "Enter or write the City Name". If possible not a MsgBox. How could I get that? Or can anyone point me in the direction o... 6 Jun 2010 23:52
Can not get size of list width
For a form I am using ControlBoxField.ListWidth = 7.5 (or any other value) but resizes the drop down list width to the width of the drop down box. The help states that the value can not be less than the width of the control box - being larger should be fine. Instead I have to use ControlBoxField.ListWidth = 500... 7 Jun 2010 11:54
Open form to ID and add in the record if not there
Hello, I have an issue opening a form to an ID of the record I am currently on. If I am on frmProjects and am adding a typing in a new EndUser from the dropdown in cboEndUser I want to be able to do two things: 1) Add this new EndUser name in the frmEndUserDetails in control source EndUserID (named cboEndUser) ... 6 Jun 2010 14:56
Australian dates in access
Hey all, I have a control box in my form that asks the user to enter a date. It then takes the date and turns it into the default date so that it will show up on the next record. It accepts the date and saves it to the table in the correct format (dd/mm/yyyy) but then when it copies it over to the next form ... 6 Jun 2010 13:50
When I use the SendKeys "{ESC}" (a very intersting instruction) in the Before Update, the NumLock will toggle Off the very first time. I have to toggle the NumLock manually back to on (one time). The second, third,... time everything is fine and the NumLock stays toggled On. Can somebody help me. ... 6 Jun 2010 07:16
Combo box causes crashes
Hello, I have many combo box's in many forms that continue to cause Access 2003 SP3 to crash. Are there any official bugs on MS web page that describe why? If so can you send me a couple of links. These combobox's are pretty embarrasing and frustrating. ------------Below is the query the combo box runs, ca... 6 Jun 2010 09:26
Data Entry = No
Hello, Below is vba on the On Click of a command button that is used to open a form called "frm_AltaDeRegistrosPagina1-2Analista", match the Record ID to the local form's Record ID, then make the "Data Entry" attribute = No. For some reason it is not working correctly. I need the vba to change the "Data Entry" ... 7 Jun 2010 02:03
Forms acting strange.
There may just be an option somewhere that I need to change, but I'm getting really strange behavior from all the forms in a database I'm trying to lock down. I tried using code in the on open event of a startup form to hide the ribbon, and it wouldn't work. I tried everything I could think of, and I know the eve... 5 Jun 2010 16:56
Double Metal Jacketed Gasket
Sinston Sealing Material Factory is one of main exporter & manufacturers of sealing material & insulation material in China . lies in Cixi city belonging to Ningbo area of eastern coast in China. There are 10 series main products : Seals gasket, gland packing, gasket sheet, seal tools, rubber products, PTFE products... 5 Jun 2010 10:20
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