From: Sam Ravnborg on
> >
> > A nice simplification of the top-level Mkefile.
> > and an opportunity to document some of the
> > magic shell commands used by the various tools.
> I am not sure to understand your suggestion.
> Should I make this change and integrate it into my patch series
> or it is something to do later ?

If we agree on this as the base infrastructure I would
like you to introduce it as part of adding Coccinelle support.

That should not touch the existing targets - but only
add Coccinelle support. But in a way so we have the
infrastructure in place so we can later move the other targets later.

> In doing so, I will have to select the 'mode' in a different way.
> I was thinking of renaming my targets in one of the following forms
> or using an environment variable:
> make cocci-report-check
> make report-coccicheck
> make coccicheck MODE=report

I like the latter.
If you do "make coccicheck" then you can show a list of
possible mode's. And if MODE is set you use this mode.

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