From: Craig Harrison on
Hi Folks,

Has anyone had any luck with these cards? I am having some problems
configuring an AddOn ADD-GWK140 Wireless card with SuSE 9.3 (And
Ubuntu), the symptoms are however always the same, The card initialises
fine, And it can be activated however no data is ever recieved. It sends
with no toubles and activity on the router suggests this is the case,
However it never recieves anything. The Signal strength meter in Ubuntu
reports over 89%. I did have similar problems under Windows however
these were resolved by installing the Software CD that came with the
card, It appears it is not totally happy with the windows generic driver
either. However as I no longer use windows and now need this card
working on Linux I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the
config that is required.

My network is 128 bit WEP encrypted.

Can anyone help?

Kind Regards