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Sql book I’m reading uses extensively AdventureWorks database. But
it’s very difficult to follow since I don’t know what exactly the
tables and their columns represent ( I realize each column has a
descriptive name like RevisionNumber, TaxAmt …but many of these terms
are confusing, especially when not seeing the larger picture ), and
how these tables ( aka what they represent in real world ) are
semantically related to each other.

It’s even that more difficult, since I know nothing about the finance/
business terminology used by the book to describe tables and their
columns ( terms like running total etc).

So is there a site(s) which would ( in layman terms ) help me answer
all of my questions?

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Here is the ER diagram for the database:

Here is description of the business scenario and objects in the database:

Plamen Ratchev
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Sorry for bot replying sooner, but I had my PC in repair.

Anyways, thank you for your help